Zwift TT Club Series secretly starts on Monday 5th Dec '22... Don't tell anyone! ;)

A different route each week, a decent range of time slots, your best time on a course that you can do as many times as you like counts towards GC.

Simply join the Zwift TT club run by @James_Zwift from the link in the Zwift Insider article.

See you there!

James, really stupid question. I’d love to join - but the timing is just skipping the entire late afternoon early evening timeslot - as well as pre-work options for me in SA (which aligns with Euro - so I’m surely not alone in this).
From what I can see in the link: We have a 4:20, then only 12:20 pm and 14:20… and then nothing until 20:20, which is quite a late start, followed by 21:20. And it’s exactly the same slots every day.
Any chance of looking at some other options such as 6h or something between 17h and 19h?

Hi Christo,

If you are the same time zone as CET, there should be 1120, 1320, 1920, 2020, 0020, 0320.

If you’re CET+1 (or GMT+2) then I’m afraid you’re right. I tried to find a balance of using times which covered most people without having too many time slots and impacting the attendance per race.

If I ride the same event multiple times, which one will count towards the league, my first or best time?

Fastest time of the week.

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Not telling anyone - but this is fun :grinning:

Series is a good idea.

I enjoyed the first two races, looking forward to the longer ones. Will be different, while I can go all out for 7 or 15 minutes, the longer ones will require some clever pacing.

I just wish the timeslots were more evenly distributed, we have two evening (CET) races one hour apart, and none earlier in the afternoon.

There’s two in the euro evening because this is the most popular time for Zwifting.

I’ve tried to add slots to cover the majority without completely taking over the calendar.

It is written on the description of the series that the heart rate monitor is mandatory to be classified. However, the 5th time in C is still not downgraded after 2 days. Is there a tolerance?

Likely they haven’t consented to showing their HR but will have been wearing one (otherwise their result would have been removed).