Time trial event issue

Hi, I recently set up a TT event through the companion app for the riders in my local bike club.
I could see the countdown as the event was about to start, but as soon as it got to zero seconds it just disappeared from the events panel and I couldn’t find it. The riders I invited could all see it and rode the course I set!
I can ride any of the courses ok as an individual rider, so there’s no issue that way…
Any ideas please would be greatly appreciated as I want us to do this as a regular meet each week because our race season has been cancelled…
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Steve_Leather_Rhos_o

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Were you on the route selection screen waiting for the event to start? you need to be on the road riding then you will see a join even button in the bottom left.

Thanks Gerrie.
So to clarify this, I set up a Tempus fugit TT event on the companion app first inviting other riders, then I need to go to the main Zwift app, select Ride the Tempus fugit course and just wait for the event start time?

That is correct Steve.

Test is and let us know, how the ride was.

Thanks for the reply, I will try it later after work.
Think I’m going to be using Zwift a lot soon with the CVID problem for the next few months!!!

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Hi Gerrie, I got home and tried it and it now works just fine for riding as a group…
I can’t find out how to set it up as a pure Time trial event so it looks like this screenshot I found on YouTube Screenshot_20200323_103612_com.google.android.youtube|690x332

I want to be able to set up a weekly TT event for our club to replace our cancelled road events so we can each start at 30 second or 1 minute intervals…
Would be great if you could point me in the right direction.

Sorry @Steve_Leather_Rhos_o

At this point only Zwift can schedule TT events like that.

The best you can do is give every rider a set time to start. Or if you are all on TT bikes then you wont be able to draft form each other so you can all start at the same time.

Thanks once again Gerrie…
At least I now know I’m not missing out on what would be a great feature…

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It will be nice if we could do it in meetups.

You could post something in the feature requests, I think races will also be nice in a meetup.

Or you can add to this request: Zwift Club House

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