Zwift Club House

For Zwift to reach the next level - including the social aspect of training with your buddies/online buddies, some sort of “Club house” Should be made.
Anyone can create it (just like you create a clan/guild in other games etc.), and it would have a menu just like the sweat shop/challenges/settings etc.
Now what should be in here:

  1. Members list (sorted by online members on top), so you could easily join them where they are, give them a ride on etc.)
  2. Short news wall where admins could post news etc.
  3. Private races/workouts/group rides , this could really reel in more users for Zwift too if you find that half your cycling club/Tri/running club do 2 workouts a week online during the winther e.g. or you could do the workout you missed in the spinning room orthe thursday run, because someone uploaded it to Zwift!
  4. Custom Shirt? (This could be harder to make as how would it work with upload of images etc.
  5. Challanges "Cycling club XX can you cycle 100km in Ja"n, and you could see the progress of everyone. Just like you can on Endomondo!
  6. Club records on the different climbs/sprints etc. (something fun to brag about, try to beat and talk about when you meet up.
  7. etc etc etc.

You should ofcourse be able to be part of several Club (maybe you cycling club, but maybe also a larger country Zwift group"
The options are endless and would not only benefit the riders but also help zwift acquire new members by pushing parts of the social aspect over to THEIR platform, creating incentive to become Zwift members.

Something along these lines is in development, and has been talked about before.

Eric Min talks about it in the lastest ZwiftCast episode, released today:

(sorry, I can’t recall exactly when and what he says, but he does mention it at least in the context of Junior racing and private events, starting at about 29:30)

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Hi Darren, great to know, they are working on this, or some sort of this (dont think my whole wish list will be filled) :slight_smile: