Time Trial mode, and more!

Hey Zwifters, it’s been a while since we’ve posted some release notes - sorry about that! We’ve got quite a few things in the works, and today some of those features are making their way out and we’re excited for everybody to give them a try.

First and foremost - Time Trial events are now a thing (well, in a few days when the events go live). Just like real world time trial events, Zwifters will start one by one and be timed against the clock. When you sign up in Zwift Companion for a Time Trial event you will be assigned a start time - just sign in to the game before your assigned time and you’ll be put into the start area on our new conveyor belt system. Row by row you’ll move closer to the start line until finally it is your turn to go. You’ll get a final countdown, and off you go!

NOTE: Time trial events and the features below will go live once we give all the Zwifters out there 2-3 days to get the update (mobile App stores can sometimes lag behind a day or two).

Secondly, the burrito power-up is back in select events! It’s been 4 years since it last made an appearance, but it’s time to dust it off and give it another go. What is it? If an event (most likely a race) is configured to have the burrito powerup available then it will be randomly awarded just like any other powerup. When a Zwifter uses it, they become undraftable for a period of time. In a large pack this may have little effect, but if you’re ready to break away off the front it could be quite useful if you’re not wanting to tow a line of riders along with you.

Third, we’ve come up with a brand new powerup - Invisibility. Again like the burrito, an event will need to be configured to feature the Invisibility powerup. When a Zwifter activates it they will become invisible for a short period of time. Do you use this to sneak away? Do you start to sprint, go invisible, and then immediately let off the gas leaving everybody else to believe you are invisibly sprinting away? It could be interesting.

NOTE: in a future update the invisibility powerup may auto-disable when there is less than 200m to go in an event.

Fourth and finally, we are going to be slowly allowing more ride leaders to use the ‘Ride Leader Fence’ feature for group rides. This is a feature that can be turned on and off by ride leaders to show Zwifters in the group where the boundaries of the event are. If you want to go off the front and through the boundary, that is fine, but you will be notified you are leaving the event as you do so. With the leader being able to turn it on and off (and set the distance) in realtime, it still allows for a group to be encouraged to stay together for part of the ride, and then have a fun sprint at the end by turning the fence off.

One last note - we haven’t forgot about our older features. One of our goals for 2019 is to look back at features that have already shipped and spend a little time fixing some of the lingering bugs they may have. It’s resulted in a few updates this year that we’ve not talked much about, but rest assured there’s quite a few changes in each update we make even if they aren’t shiny and new items.

As usual we’re all ears when it comes to feedback about changes or a new issue you may have discovered, just respond to this thread. Or if there is something new you’d like to see, head on over to Feature Requests to post your idea.

Ride On.

The Team at Zwift


Hi Jon

As an avid Zwift racer I’m slightly concerned about the invisibility power up. Not sure I’d like someone to be sneaking off winning a race just because they’ve been randomly assigned a power up.




I Would appreciate to see heart rate in percentage of maximum
instead of real numbers.
Also an advantage if you observe a race you are better able to see how much individuals are under pressure.


TT mode :+1:
The “invisiblity power-up” :man_facepalming:
Everything else mentioned :neutral_face:

p.s. Actually posting some release notes for a change :+1::+1::+1:


Yep. Sod all the features this communication is probably the best thing about this update!


Any chance of team time trial functionality?


Hi Darren - I understand your concern. Just to be clear, the powerup is a feature that is turned on only if an organizer wants it on a particular race. If it turns out most races think it ruins their race, they wont ask for it to be on their event.

Additionally I think once the avid Zwift racers like yourself get to possibly try it out, helping us tune how long it lasts (only 3 seconds? 5? 10?) could help it be fun but not so powerful it might ruin a race.


:astonished: That would be awesome! TTT mode! Set team size w/a minimum number of finishers and time based on last finisher. :fist::facepunch:


James - I think when official club features launch that may be when we can support TTT’s, as the club would take care of the problem of who’s on each team.


Awesome updates thanks!

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Love the update mate!

Would there be any chance to have the fencing turn off half way through a ride or by command on ride leader?

Reason being in the kiwi crew ride we have a small race in the last 10 mins of the 30 min ride just like you might have in a bunch ride outside. There are heaps of fliers in the first 30 mins so the sprint at the end isn’t as fun.

Let me know your thoughts?


This is the best news in your post. It would great to hear more about what you’ve fixed.


Zwift time trials! Leon will LOVE this


I mailed Zwift about team kit, I got as answer it was not on the list, but latest update show many team got their own team kit. What’s the deal ?

Stephane Team Foudre

Hi Jon,
The TT update is something to look forward to I think! :+1:
Dont kwow about the power ups, I give them the benefit of the doubt. Just hoping that Zwift isn’t turning into a MarioKart game :wink:
About the bugfixes: I noticed that my cycling stats are still incorrect. Any progress there?
Could it have something to do after ‘buying’ something in the drop shop? It seems my stats always change after I used some drop points…

Kind regards,


Maybe start fixing the Volcano achievements and lap counters not working for months…


I mailed Zwift about team kit, I got as answer it was not on the list, but latest update show many team got their own team kit. What’s the deal ?

This is likely in relation to the upcoming Zwift Classics. BRT is in the Zwift Classics, which has probably contributed to us finally getting team kit in-game.

Sorry but those Power Ups are ridiculous. IMHO a waste of time and resources, particularly the invisible one.

Time Trial… excellent work. An event well worth trying I’m sure.