New TT event module - Joining not possible

Tried today’s new TT module on Bologna at 11 am CEST. Didn’t join the event, and when the popup came prompting to join the event I clicked to join later. 30 seconds later I clicked on the JOIN button but I was not taken to the event. Had 2 minutes left before the start of the event. Restarted Zwift and tried again. Clicked on the JOIN button again but it didn’t take me to the event. Tried again to restart Zwift but then the event had officially started and it was not listed anymore.

Same happened to me at 8am BST Bologna

I think you have to be in the pens before the first rider leaves? Definitely at least 3 minutes before your take-off.
It takes time to set up positions and conveyor belt to the front of the line.

Same here. - Tried it twice. Second with a lot of time left (7min to my start-time, but 3min after event-start-time). - Did not send me to event…

Same. I find this happens regularly when joining events from the ZC app. I usually only join events through the main game, but the devs have made this more difficult with TT mode. Sorry guys - the ZC app is garbage. Just let us run the game and do what we need to do through the main interface.

That would be ridiculous, given they say you can have a start time up to 30 minutes after the event start. If the first rider’s off at 7pm that would mean I need to be in the pens potentially more than half an hour early for my 7:30pm start.

No chance.

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Zwift have just enabled late join on the TT events from 20:00 BST to 04:00 BST - not sure if the others have been overlooked or they’re running a small test.

We’ve put a pause with the TT events until we sort out the starting issues. Once we resolve this, we’ll reintroduce our new TT events.

Ride On!
Mike M.
Zwift Member Experience Lead


Thanks, Mike. I think a lot of us realize it is more disappointing from the design/programming part of it than the rider disappointment and frustration. I hope some effort will be put into addressing concerns over the center display box. It was very awkward. The numbers were so small compared to workout mode. The maps were much improved and was really a key part i enjoyed. I hope the new version will also show the fastest rider’s splits (section not every kilometer). So, Giro should show 6km 6:59 climb 6:43 finish 15:04 . As always, thanks for listening. I can’t wait for reboot.

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Rode part of fugit time trial today. Seemed good. Still gaps appeared for flight times. But the wait was only three minutes.
Would still like to see watts and speed more front and center. Fugit only has a split for the last section, so there isn’t any way to know how I am doing at the half-way point. (not counting the 500 meter section near the start) Just when you hit the turn-around should be a pop=up of my time for the first half and how I am listed so far. If I don’t have features like this, then side-by-side is a much better stimulant to going as fast as I can.
Thank everyone who worked a bit extra to get this back on line so soon.
PS I love my speed wheel. Looks perfect.

have you also sorted out the distance to go issue? Thanks for your hardwork, TT mode is sweet

Looked good to me yesterday (new tt mode) and today (old style). Which, btw, is the fastest fix I’ve seen here.

Just to follow up…

Last night’s TT events were successful. We’re going to go ahead and schedule future TT races as planned.

For a short time, we’re only scheduling one group at a time. This means you won’t see A, B, C, D groups for these events. Once our patch goes out, you’ll start to see the different subgroups again.


Thanks. Really keen to give this a full go!

Good show. Thanks for letting us know.