TT Bologna failed to start event

I entered a Renegade TT event in Bologna this morning. I joined the event ahead of the start at 08:30. The map opened however I was not in the pen rather beside a building! Spinning gently awaiting a countdown but my start time of 08:32 passed, no start countdown and gave up after 20 minutes. The message box showed that people were starting the event. I’d joined Zwift Power and entered what should have been the correct category. Should the start time be in the rider’s local time zone rather than that of the host? Any ideas why the TT failed to start and why I was not in a start pen? Not sure if I was unlucky or made an error. Just to summarise - the event was entered on the Companion App and the Join Event was displayed ahead of the event, which was selected and I was transferred to the Bologna map.

It sounds like you weren’t placed in the pen correctly, which occasionally happens.

If it happens again, close the apps, restart and rejoin.

Sorry for the bad experience today.

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Its a bug that should be fixed. Compassion is not effective against such…