Racing Request

As ZwiftHQ works on its event and racing enhancements, it would great if they could consider a couple of things that would make racing great. One is that the Ride/Race leaders should be specially highlighted on screen and in their display name. Another is that all riders/racers should be able to choose to display a team name or independant during the event. Another is that racers should be able to chose a race category of A, B, C, or F (Female) and then be sub-segregated from the balance of the people in the event. Next it would be great if the events then could have separate FIRST ACROSS the line tabulation of course for the FINISH of the event, but also for each of the sprints and KoMs throughout the event. In that way during the event there can be mini-events (as there is in a Criterium or even the TdF) where there are rankings for how racers finish in sprints and KoMs within their chosen classification throughout the race. In the UK, we call this events within the event preems which I think is short for premiums as small cash prizes are given to the winners. I hope that this makes sense. I am sure that others will have some even better ideas! #rideon

All good suggestions! But I definitely think there are definitely differences for lady riders as well (as opposed to just lumping them into one category).

Finding a way to base on FTP might be more fair.

Agree. Adding an F group just adds flexibility. We have two Team dZi female riders (we are keen to add more so please DM me or any dZi rider on Facebook if you are interested to apply to the team) and they and any woman can ride in whatever group that they choose. In fact dZi"s Cassie Baldie was out there leading the A Group at the speediest ZTR-EB on Tuesday Oct 20th!!

Different lobbies with races you can join and a points system for different cat of rider would be cool 2.

I second the idea of ’ FIRST ACROSS the line tabulation"  or maybe just  make the clock-time of each banner-crossing available so we can calculate ourselves and see finish/sprint/KOM order AND time-gaps.

Also, I’d like to limit my rider-list and leader-board list to only riders I’m racing against (it would be like having race radio !)  you can leave everyone’s avatars on the screen