Post race/event summary

Hi guys,

Just wanted to suggest a nice to have feature. It would show post event summary like here below:

As a Zwift racer I would like to have a post race summary. Something that would tell the story of what happened. 

Drop Count. - A drop would is considered when you have been riding with a group for 5 min or longer and then don’t manage to keep within 20 sec of that group for more than 5 min. 

Where a group is two riders or more.

The net draft shows how much you did contribute to your fellow riders, if any.
Draft received shows the number of kilometres that you gained from drafting.
[Actual kilometres done] - [How many kilometres you would have done without drafting]. If you go solo the whole time this would be zero.

The average position vs. the final position gives you a good perspective on how you did perform related to the other riders in this ride. 

Fight to the end - Yes if your average power output for the last 5 minutes is minimum 95% of the total average power output for this ride.
This should keep you going towards an end of a race where you are struggling or have been dropped. 


Not sure why this post got so much negativity. All the stuff seems fair to me and if youre the sort of person whos not interested then I guess you wouldnt be reading it in the first place!