Event Scheduling

How do events get scheduled? Is this centrally managed in some way?

I was wondering the same thing, look forward to the answers you get :slight_smile:

Apparently you have to be a member of a secret society ,or have a magic ring, or have a goatee.

I have e-mailed in to Zwift to lead a few events.  If you’d like to lead an event send in an e-mail - not sure to whom at this point.  Not trying to be cryptic.  I was working with someone who I was already in contact with to get the CompuTrainer kit in-game.

No secret society. : )

I’m the VP of Events at Zwift so email me with more information about the event you would like to organize.  My email is charlie@zwift.com.  

Good to know!

Are there any plans to have a online scheduling tool? This would be nice to for impromptu races. 

Hi Matt,

There are no immediate plans to have an online scheduling tool.  For now, send me an email with the event you would like to organize and I will let you know what the next steps are.  I would also suggest looking at the current schedule at The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App to see what the available open times are so your event does not conflict with an already scheduled event.