Event Module to use any World

If it’s too early to allow users to choose any of the three Worlds (Watopia, Richmond, London), how about allowing events scheduled through the Event Module to access them?

Events wouldn’t suffer from the lack of other riders on the route
Races would be better and clearer to follow
Most riders would still be taken to the default World
Organisers could chose the World and course that suits their event the best
Allows for greater variety in events, esp group rides

I agree this would be a great way of make all of the courses availible to race/grouprides

This is something I think is well overdue.

Sounds like a great idea

Yes! For the love of god! I am quiet tired of the same London courses (usually riding mondays and tuesdays which seems to be London every time)

Maybe splitting the people on different worlds, at least for the races, could bring down the technical issues.

Yes sounds a great idea

It’s definitely a good idea.

It just makes sense !

This is a great idea, that and allowing organizers the ability to schedule the event module ourselves would make this even better. Gregg Magnus TeamODZ

Great idea it just makes sense to allow this

Sounds good.

+1 needs this support.

+1 Great idea

Superb idea, you have my voteLog In

Good idea!

A page for selected raceleaders to manage events whitout contact with Zwift.
Abel to turn on and off features like Power up’s, jerseys, bikes…

Super Idea!!

I used to love the old Zwift Underground races.  There was something really cool about knowing that every bike you could see was in the race, and it was nice that the story of the race always unfolded without the random influence of folks not participating. 

Agree, would help to remove all the casual/workout riders and easier to follow who is racing/group riding.