Allow organisers to set up races for specific or qualified riders.

Currently anyone can join an event. While this should remain for the vast majority there are many events and races which would benefit from allowing the organisers to pre-select or qualify entrants.

For example a women’s race could be open to women only. A Masters race could be open to people in certain age groups. The Final of a race series could be open only to the winners of previous races.

This is not about excluding or banning individuals. The organiser would set objective criteria and anyone meeting them is permitted to take part. The organiser would then have to create a set of qualified users.

How would “This is not about excluding or banning individuals” be achieved if the system you propose were to be implemented?  By definition, if you limit access to a ride/race you are excluding others.  The joy of Zwift is its openness. 

I mean I can’t say “I want a race that anyone can go in except that Brandon Amos because I don’t like him”.

However if I say “I want to organise a race for women only, or riders over 50 etc.” and Brandon Amos is neither a woman nor over 50 then sorry, find something else to do.

For example I run the Zwift Masters race series. I have a list of over 1000 riders who have registered online and sent me proof of their age to qualify. We have strict rules about displaying age category in-race so that a 60 year old rider isn’t trying to race against a 40 year old.

But 20 riders can just turn up to the Zwift event, join the race and have an impact on it without registering or even following the rules. Yes I can DQ them afterwards but there’s no doubt it affects the race. 

It’s not like putting on races for specific groups stops other races happening - this isn’t a velodrome where only one event can take place at a time.

This is a must for ZWIFT! Great suggeston Chris!

Zwift racing events have now evolved into something where pre qual is actually a good thing. New riders and Zwifters with no experience of group riding need to understand that that taking part is welcomed but also requires a bit of personal responsibility to understand how cycling functions. We are not in a free for all spin class we are attempting to mimic real activity in a virtual environment. 

It shows that Zwift is ready to grow up from being a ‘childish’ toy in a fancy , awful expression, “pain cave” with a Pinarello Dogma F10 on a Tacx Neo lol  

I’m completely on board with this sort of idea, with the caveat there are still events available to all. As Chris suggests in the OP the more exclusive events shouldn’t become the norm, but I agree they would be a huge plus for the racing community.

There was something rather comical and tragic in equal measure about a huge event like CVR, with prizes on offer, a live audience in the velodrome, being streamed and some of the top Zwifters from Europe racing, yet the racers having to beg, in full view of the public, for non-CVR entrants to not interfere.

The team vs team head to head which has been talked about often in the Zwift FB groups is another example that could benefit from this sort of control.

Yes yes yes. We need this

100% agree. I understand that people (and Zwift) might see this as elitist, but it’s not meant that way. Lots of races are spoiled by people who either don’t understand the race criteria, or do understand them and don’t care. I’d envisage 95% of races are fine the way they are, but there definitely is room for individual race organisers to be able to pre-approve and then close events

great call Chris. post race DQ doesn’t work to deter those insistent on disrupting races. it’s clear from the numerous fb posts that we are awash with riders who don’t catee as passionately about the racing scene. it came from the community, has been developed and supported by the community and now zhq really need yo do something to give something back to those who out so much time effort (and money) into the race community. if also like to see pre-reg for cats based on your data recorded within zwift over the past 30 days.

Paul Burgess (ZHR) F
Yes please, more racing like this please.
I’m close to 60 years old. I wouldn’t attempt to race a 25 year old in real life so please give all. Male/ Female age cats the chance to race fairly.

Agree totally. Next logical step in the evolution of Zwift’s racing platform. 

Definitely needed and a great add-on!

This totally makes sens and doesn’t break Zwift openness. It just makes the races Chris is pointing at close to what happen in real life - have you ever seen bearded guys in women race IRL? So please Zwift buddies, go ahead with this request. Thanks.

Yes, good idea, it will make the races “cleaner” and encourage more to try a race.

I agree. Let’s do this.

Yes. I can see where Brandon is coming from because although the events side has improved out of sight this year, so you could say that there is enough for everyone, you can envisage people deciding to go parochial with their events. On the whole though, I think this is a good thing where it becomes easier for organisers to put on events of a specific nature and therefore more creative approaches to racing are created.

Not sure I agree. Could be the thin end of the wedge and races could become exclusive and would have a negative impact on the game. I don’t think the odd rider in the masters races have much impact. It was kinda nice when you could work off other riders when it was open. It was also a lot less lonely when you were separated for a group. 


David C,


you stated “Yes, good idea, it will make the races “cleaner” and encourage more to try a race”

i can see your first point.  If though it turns into a closed community which is ultimately what people are asking for, how will it encourage others to try a race?  I would argue it would do the complete opposite as it will be harder for people to find a ride in which they are able to enter.

I could see this work well for some types of races.  We tend to struggle with with w/kg issue already so being able to pre screen for some races do make it fun for some of us older guys.  I for one look forward to the masters race because at least I know I’m in the same ballpark with the racers I’m competing against.  With the introduction of the group workouts there are now a growing and healthy number of events to choose from and few events each day pre screened would have no impact on the ability to ride with a group, do group workouts or join a race or two for any rider not wanting to go through the pre screen process.    

As a community of racers I think we are ready for this next step. There are enough open races/events that this feature should deprive no one. Can we elaborate a little on how this works though? If I’m made King what I want is a web interface to create an event that lets me search for and invite riders to participate. Ideally I could upload a list of rider IDs. It is one thing to say “let’s do private events” but we also need a fair and effective way to administer them that doesn’t burden Zwift HQ.