Race and Zwiftpower feature

I have thought of this for a while and I think that it would be possible for Zwift to do this since all the data is allready in place.

Would it be possible for the event crew to add a new little feature called “Zwiftpower race” or something like that. The feature Iám after is that any organiser that organise a race should be able to set this option to ON in a race they organise. What Zwift then would do is to check weather the rider has opted in to Zwiftpower or not. So either when a rider signes up to a race in the companion app or when they enter the race the would get a sign saying that they need to opt-in to Zwiftpower to be able to race in that race.

So Zwift allready has the information if a rider has opt-in to ZP or not so adding on this feature would be a good way of getting more riders to opt-in for ZP races, and together with the new “Anti sand bagging” feature this would give us better control over the races.



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Sound like a good idea.

I would suggest adding a E cat for those races for people the don’t want to be on ZwiftPower. that way no one is excluded.


Great idea Gerrie :slight_smile:

As ZwiftPower is a third-party platform, at this time we would not consider gating access to an event on Zwift based on whether or not they are opted-in to ZwiftPower. I hope that makes sense.


Unfortunatly that thirdparty site is the onlyone allowing to set proper rules for races… So until you fix your own system for racing it would be the best solution in my eyes

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Nowdays when Zwiftpower is Zwifts property, could this be a future option perhaps @Jordan_Rapp

I BELIEVE that once the migration is completed, ALL users will have ZP accounts - it will just be part of your Zwift account - so this feature would be redundant. But I am not certain of that. But keep in mind that the “opt-in” process was/is required by GDPR. That’s no longer applicable.


Lets hope that is whats gooing to happend

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I just hope Zwift will keep all the current data public. The fact that height and weight is public keep people more honest.

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It’s a good idea but seeing as Zwift have all the data to put people in the right categories automatically and still refuse to implement that I won’t hold out hope for other good ideas being implemented.