Zwiftpower nonusers

Is there currently a plan to differentiate between these users for racing? I ask because so many times it is seen a person finishes in one spot, but then in the ZP results they actually placed higher because of eliminating non ZP users. Sometimes a person doesn’t need to put out more effort to catch others if they won’t be on ZP results, and also would be nice if someone is pushing the pace and its not needed to chase them because their outcome wouldn’t affect results.

In the riders nearby list, a rider with a power signal will have a lightning bolt next to their W/kg value. A zPower rider will not.

I presume the question was about Zwiftpower the website, not zPower. And yeah, agree, having an option for enforcing Zwiftpower account (or at least data consent, I guess that is enough to populate the results even if you haven’t actually created an account) would make a lot of sense.


Whoops I bet you are right. Didn’t read that carefully enough.

My view is that anyone who opts into racing should automatically have a ZwiftPower account created for them. Anyone who doesn’t want that can choose to not race. I doubt this suggestion will get anywhere until ZwiftPower sleeps with the fishes.

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They eliminated the workout icon, it could be easily replaced with something representing Zwiftpower racing, or as @Paul_Southworth mentioned, users automatically get a Zwiftpower account when they signup.