Zwiftpower user marker on in game leaderboard

There is a lot of talk about racing and people entering in the wrong categories messing up results. Quite often you will tear your legs off trying to stay in a C cat lead group, only to find when you look at the results on Zwiftpower later, those riders aren’t even registered on there.

If the in game leader board flagged riders who have their account linked to ZP with a small icon that would help to know who you are legitimately racing against with a known category assignment and enforcement by ZP. Zwift already knows which accounts are linked to ZP as that is part of the opt in process to sign up for ZP.

It would also become self policing in a way, as people would see the icon and question why they don’t have it against their name. The more using ZP for racing the better.

Hi @Paul_Modern.

Interesting idea that i did not think of. Here is what I do, I open Zwift power (ZP) on my secondary monitor and watch the live tab, that give me a good idea of who is a legitimate C and what not to chase.

also vote for this one Auto-Assign Race Categories
then we don’t have to wonder who is in the correct pen to start with.

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Voted. Totally agree they should auto assign.
This just seemed like an easy way to implement something worthwhile and fast without too much effort on Zwifts part…

Great for those who have them, but many of us don’t have multiple monitors. Even if I had a spare monitor for the garage, there’s nowhere to put it. The only alternative would be to run Zwift in a window, but that hugely impacts the immersion.

Some sort of indication that riders are registered with ZwiftPower would be great.

Much much better would be all this stuff directly built into the Zwift ecosystem so everyone is on “ZwiftPower” by default because ZwiftPower is Zwift. None of this “the real results are on a separate community website” nonsense. It’s ridiculous.


I agree, not every body has them and it should not be required. But it is nice… LOL. I actualy have 3 monitors :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Made my day! :joy::joy::joy::ride_on:
As always is zwift riding zwift? :zipper_mouth_face::sweat_smile:

Completely agree. I’m sure we will get to that state eventually with it all within Zwift.

For now ZP is necessary and it would be nice to easily distinguish those registered. Even if Zwift simply changed the colour of the power meter user icon (lightning bolt) for people opted in to ZP it would be easy to implement and effective.