Race bib number - zwiftpower users

In races, users who have authorized zwiftpower get bib numbers on their avatar and a symbol in the riders nearby list.

What number though? Order you joined the start pen?

As long as 13 is pinned on upside down for the superstitious, right? :smiley:

Gets my vote, mainly because it makes it a lot easier to know who your real rivals are in a race. If they ain’t on ZwiftPower, they don’t count.


Don’t care even if there is a actual number, could use letters or just a big Orange Z even, just something. The more important item is that I can tell in the Rider’s Nearby list hopefully.

“because it makes it a lot easier to know who your real rivals are in a race. If they ain’t on ZwiftPower, they don’t count.” - That’s how I came up with this idea.

I stayed on the podium, but in a recent race I gave in and let someone pass with just a couple minutes to go, because I thought that back in 7th or 8th there was no way I would be on the podium, but I still took 3rd and the 7th place took second, many of the other riders weren’t even “in the race.”

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Its not as straight forward as having an ingame icon but I use the live stats on ZwiftPower to cross reference who is on ZwiftPower and who isn’t. Requires some looking between the two and having a separate iPad plus counting down the list to check your current placing. It’s a work around but not ideal.

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Yeah, but that also assumes someone has a second monitor handy, or is willing to run Zwift in a window. Definitely sub-optimal.

Heck, I’d like an option to display non-Zwift Power riders as “blue guys” from the olden days. You’d still be able to draft them, but it’d be plainly obvious they’re not really in the race. :smiley:


I think that [blue guys] is maybe a little harsh, or gives too much credit to ZwiftPower which AFAIK isn’t an official platform to Zwift. I’f love to see Blue Guys used as PR Ghosts, but that is another topic.

Completely agree it’s sub-optimal, but just wanted to highlight it as an option for those who stumble across this thread and wondered if it was currently possible at all.

I don’t think it’s harsh. Those riders would see everyone as normal, of course. It’s just an option for those of us who want to to be able to tell at a glance who’s in the real race.

ZwiftPower is about as official as it gets with Zwift racing. Zwift work closely with ZP, even to the extent of providing server infrastructure I think. Certainly, ZwiftPower is one of only a couple of platforms that have API access.

Since Zwift don’t provide any race results other than the screen you see at the end of an event (OK, they added a little bit to the Companion, but it’s pretty poor), ZwiftPower is the de facto source of official (meaningful) races results, standing, categorisation etc. etc.

Frankly, ZP (and KISS) can’t be given too much credit. In fact, I often think they don’t get as much credit as they deserve.

Smart idea! I like it.