Passed/passed by

(D ZelkoZHR(F)) #1

    Seeing riders in the distance and seeing how many seconds they are ahead of me is a tremendous motivation to me it puts me in a “hunter” mindset. 

Would zwift be able to develope an icon that shows how many riders I have passed or how many have passed me?

  I think it would be a highly motivating addition to make riders go harder- if they want to.

    Thank you very much, you have an awesome site!

Dan Zelko


(Joe Daknis) #2

As a metric? It’s as meaningless as they come, imo.  The riders you ‘hunt down’ could be in the middle of a rest interval in workout mode and care not at all about staying ahead of you, so I’m not sure what the point of ticking them off on a counter would be?

(“Aha! Eat my dust, woman who couldn’t care less if I pass, guy who’s been riding for the last 8 hours on his way toward the end of a double century, and guy in workout mode crushing a 1.5 w/kg recovery interval! +3 for me!”)   

Beyond that, it’s not uncommon to ride through a swarm of 50 people in a group ride or group workout - what value is there in tallying them up?

Granted, there *are* times when you might be JRA and fall in with a few people going at roughly the same pace and it’s easy to get ‘competitive’ after awhile trying to outpace each other up a KOM climb - but you either get there first or you don’t. I can also understand the motivational aspect of riding away from someone on your wheel or bridging a gap and passing when it comes to *racing*, but - then - your race result tells you how many people you finished ahead of (and those ahead of you). 

(D ZelkoZHR(F)) #3

     Point taken Joe, was just throwing out ideas for the development team.

No intent to offend, just add motivation/drive.  Have a good night