Passed/passed by

    Seeing riders in the distance and seeing how many seconds they are ahead of me is a tremendous motivation to me it puts me in a “hunter” mindset. 

Would zwift be able to develope an icon that shows how many riders I have passed or how many have passed me?

  I think it would be a highly motivating addition to make riders go harder- if they want to.

    Thank you very much, you have an awesome site!

Dan Zelko


As a metric? It’s as meaningless as they come, imo.  The riders you ‘hunt down’ could be in the middle of a rest interval in workout mode and care not at all about staying ahead of you, so I’m not sure what the point of ticking them off on a counter would be?

(“Aha! Eat my dust, woman who couldn’t care less if I pass, guy who’s been riding for the last 8 hours on his way toward the end of a double century, and guy in workout mode crushing a 1.5 w/kg recovery interval! +3 for me!”)   

Beyond that, it’s not uncommon to ride through a swarm of 50 people in a group ride or group workout - what value is there in tallying them up?

Granted, there *are* times when you might be JRA and fall in with a few people going at roughly the same pace and it’s easy to get ‘competitive’ after awhile trying to outpace each other up a KOM climb - but you either get there first or you don’t. I can also understand the motivational aspect of riding away from someone on your wheel or bridging a gap and passing when it comes to *racing*, but - then - your race result tells you how many people you finished ahead of (and those ahead of you). 

     Point taken Joe, was just throwing out ideas for the development team.

No intent to offend, just add motivation/drive.  Have a good night