Stats for Number of Cyclists Passed

I would love it if Zwift would provide stats on the number of riders I reel in during a ride versus the number of riders that reel me in. I often do this on the road with my riding buddies as a sort of game. It would definitely make the game more competitive. And, more competitive = a better workout, at least for me.

Not everyone is doing the same thing on Zwift at the same time. Some people are doing workouts, some are just doing easy rides, some are doing group rides at various speeds and others are racing.

The only time I could seeing that being a somewhat useful stat is during a race, other times it’s just skewed by everyone else doing their own thing.

Just my opinion.

Oh, and it has been asked a couple times on these forums with very limited interest.

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Fair point. I presume Zwift has the ability to track which cyclists are doing what. Zwift could simply include in the states only those riders who have selected the same route. Even without this limitation, I still see advantages, however. If I get passed by a rider whose only been riding for 10 miles where I have ridden 35 miles, I can take that into account in soothing my wounds, but I still think it would be fun to know. I certainly don’t see any downside to it.

I’m with Paul for this one. When everyone’s racing, you can compare or taking note of such facts but in a free ride it’s comparing apple’s with peers and gives no surplus.