More feedback when you are riding please

(Neil Maclean) #1

I have been riding the island for a few weeks now.  This is my first post.  I like Zwift and will continue to ride and support the Beta.  However, I think there needs to be more information provided about how you are riding.  I appreciate you can check out your performance on Strava after you have finished but I would like to see messages flash up when riding to tell me whether I have set a PB or 2nd fastest time on a climb or sprint or section of the Island to make it more interesting and motivating,  While it’s great going for the Jerseys the reality for me as a <60Kg rider with a power meter is that I am unlikely to win any of the Jerseys and won’t set any records compared to others on the Island when I am riding.  I would therefore like more personal stats so I can race against myself better than I can do at the moment.  Without this, I am likely to give up on Zwift and default back to Trainer Road which does provide this sort of feedback/stats/analysis.

PS: at the end of a ride I know I will be given stats for that ride but the software is not even showing my Best efforts although it looks as if it should do so.  

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Neil,

Best efforts are coming soon. Please check our Common Questions stickied post at the top of this forum.