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(Vincent) #1

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(D Stickman) #2

Have to say I loved what you guys did with spooky bikes and pumpkins last night. This is the kind of stuff that makes Zwift so much fun. It shows you guys are really invested in your customers. Major kudos guys :+1:

(Bill Bruning (AsC)) #3

Zwift Staff,
I would love for you to consider adding Suunto to your 3rd party partners. I know there are a lot of Suunto users that would like to upload their workouts to their MovesCount page. Currently I have to manually enter my workout data. I hope this is on the list of considerations.
Zwifter from Atlanta, GA

(Nigel Courtis RAF) #4

Please please please bring back the positions on the Tour de Zwift and such rides. Removing them has had a major negative effect on my riding experience. This isn’t necessarily about winning but the positions help with gauging how I am doing, and with staying in a pack. With everyone in the same outfit, this is even more relevant. Without the positions I cannot test out riding strategies and the ride just becomes an anonymous wattage exercise. Have you really had people asking for the positions to be removed? There are certainly many voices from those who want it back. .

(Nigel Courtis RAF) #5

Hi - not been riding Zwift for very long but all of the group rides (eg first 3 laps together, last lap a race) that I’ve been on have a constant “regroup on the leader” “flyers at the front regroup” etc. Can’t understand why those people join this type of race. Secondly, could you do something about race positions such that you have to start behind the beacon for the race lap?

(Sean) #6

In the ZC, I like to check on riders near me by using the zwifters button but I am almost constantly have to scroll up or down the list to keep my name centered on the screen. I checked in the Zwift Community but I can find no info on how to easily keep my name centered in the screen.

My recommendation is to add an option allowing the rider to keep their name centered in the screen.