Other racing apps

Anyone know of another racing app that doesn’t have so many cheaters? I’m either going to quit Zwift or not enter races anymore. Ridiculous, I almost should be in category C as I average a little over 2.5 but I’m still behind the winners by 6 minutes in category D in races as they’re averaging over 3.5.

Are you entering D races.

Try some of the bigger races like WTRL ZRL they have stricter rules. It is a lot more fun.

I really wish Zwift would implement a Auto-Assign Race Categories function.


Yup. I’m entering Category D. Ok I’ll try the races you suggested. Thanks.

Hi Jeff,
Well racing is hard on Zwift regardless of what category you race in and yes, there will always be cheaters. Hey even the pros try and cheat. My advice is don’t compare yourself to the “winner” because those are the likely cheaters. Luckily the majority of Zwifters don’t cheat so race to have fun with the group you find yourself in after the “cheaters” escape up the road doing a million watts. Remember just because someone averages 3.5 W/kg does not mean they are a cheater. A very light weight junior can average a very high W/kg with relatively low power output. Look at both numbers. You are almost a C so you have the ability to have fun but you’ll probably never win. Ride your own race, let others push you to get better, and have fun regardless of the placings.


One more thing,

Open Zwift power live tab on another window there you will see who is on Zwift Power and who is in the correct category. During the race you can then ignore those that are not on ZP and in the wrong cat. It also help if you tell the other racers during the race not to follow xxx, then xxx can go off the front and not impact the race.


Fixed that for you. :wink:


LOL :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: