Zwift Community Race 01-08 - Bot Cheating in category D

It was a keirin-bot race. Again.
There is no point in reporting a level 1 driver/bot.

Trolls will always be trolls. In my opinion it’s Zwift’s fault.

In category D we are working moms and dads 40+ who only have time for 1 race per week. It’s really annoying when a troll/cheater is also “riding” in this race.

The bot produced exactly 391 watts throughout the entire race. Even 500 meters behind the finish line (Screen 2) :smiley:
I will upload the video to YouTube.


bot or in ERG mode as well. person have to be 156kg or so.

Making the GC based on something other than time, or removing it entirely, would take away the incentive to drive up the pack speed. I’m sure it’s not the only reason people run bots, or create new accounts with very low height and weight, but it is one of them.


For now we can only try our best.
Zwift is just now offering properly configured GC events.
The answer is to improve Bot detection then remove them from the ride.
The problem with that is the bot creators will just hide their work more carefully.

You can’t remove “time” from GC.
It is all about time.

The problem may be that everyone decides to get their own bots and you end up with an arms race of all the bots. :frowning:

I report any of the riders who I see with dubious power. I had to flag one from a known team with Zpower and dubious constant high power output.

Sounds like a Chau account

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Really? So a bot turns up to a ZCL broadcasted race and because there was 4 NTS riders in the front group of 18 you decide we must be responsible as in your eyes we benefit again. Not sure but I think I’ve only done the one race were a bot was involved and that was last night, usually I’m at the front trying to push the pace. So make your complaints about bots but refrain from trying to make it look like NTS had any involvement.


Not the first time NTS members has benefitted from your current team mate / ex team mate(?) Chau doing this.

Is he still racing for you in any form?

You could always put some pressure on Chau to stop doing it.

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We have no control over who enters races.
Most people know William Chau is no longer at NTS but that still does not stop the odd person trying to make out he must be working in partnership with our team.
NO he no longer is with the team, he no longer races with the team.
How can we stop him, I had no idea he was responsible for last night, the names used last night were not known to me, I did not even know there was a bot present as I tried to push at the front until the in game messages started to drop complaining about a bot being there. Then, just like the other 15 riders tactics are out the window and everyone just sits in the draft.

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@xflintx @shooj

Any news on whether Zwift is putting in any detection methods?

You now have Chau running a bot whilst he also rides in the race himself (C.Tom)

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it’s not really on anyone other than zwift to do anything. i’m going to follow a bot in a race too. depends whether i want to do that kind of effort, what’s expected of me in the race, and who else is in the race that i’m trying to look good in front of. most people would, and do, on the quiet

i don’t mean to press zhq here, but some kind of auto detect for at least the very obvious stuff would save the staff, the organisers and a lot of the riders a lot of headaches like this in the future

Please let’s not be calling out teams and throwing accusations about which are based upon circumstantial evidence at best.


I have gave them insight, what they choose to do with it is their choice.

The offender has gone off into full time cheating mode. I assure you he is reading and enjoying this thread. It seems too late to apply any influence. Since Zwift are seemingly unresponsive, avoiding popular races sullied by his presence is a good option. He’s not everywhere.

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I think he’s setting a good challenge for Zwift. Will they step up to the plate?

He’s getting fitter and is happy. Sounds like it ticks most the boxes…

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And he’s making many more unhappy. I suppose the needs of William Chau outweighs the needs of paying subscribers.

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From what I thought has been said, Zwift is basically playing whack-a-mole with new trial accounts setup as often as desired. What I don’t understand, is that a Trial membership seemingly means you’ve provided a valid credit card, so it would seem simple to block the same identity.

Oh well, then that’s Zwift’s problem and a really strange setup. Fairly standard practice, isn’t it?, to get the billing info validated which gets used when trial ends and if one hasn’t cancelled (eg. streaming apps).

I’d be happy to see racing made a subscriber exclusive. If William, Tim, Steve, whatever name he’s going by at the moment, wants to keep playing whack-a-mole with bot accounts he should at least be paying for it.