1200 Watt bots

Anyone else notice these point-farming bots are getting out of control? There has been at least one, sometimes two of them on Makuri every night for the past week.

They ride around at a constant 1200 Watts, obviously using some kind of spoof mechanism to emulate a power meter signal. I really wouldn’t care but it sucks they take all the jerseys and KOMs and effectively remove that fun distraction from the game.

I get there are some who will say ‘who cares?’. I think its a bummer that a fun/challenging part of the game is essentially eliminated while ever they’re on. I find it hard to believe if they’re that easy to track using Sauce, that Zwift doesn’t have a way to shut these idiots down.

As far as I can tell, the only way to report these bots is by flagging them, which is pretty impossible when they fly by at 40mph.

Oh, like Chinese one (at level 68) that has been circulating around most of January and is even mentioned on Zwift section of reddit?

This one is doing 5.6w/kg at steady 225w with quite large distances, even has a heart rate too. Uses workout mode and remains at precisely 5.6w/kg for the entire distance (so 40kg weight??) - in my screenshots even 88.6km for 2:08:24 doing 44km/h in London yesterday. The person clearly isn’t 40kg at least not by their avatar image.

Seen him on lots of courses recently. I’m not posting screenshots but it’s annoying when you’ve reported them multiple times and no results.

I guess more people will start doing the same if nothing concrete is done about it.

You have to be watching in companion app in the nearby riders list and flag them before they zoom past at high speed.

Really though nobody cares about this anyway and if you do someone will come along with a snarky remark.

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