ridiculous power readings

(Seb Barrett (U19) AUS) #1

experienced first hand a rider by the handle AwakeAholic (australian flag) ripping -up the circuit doing a consistent 6 - 7 w/kg min. wish we could flag these guys/gals.

they may be totally ignorant of what is wrong so we may be able to help them get more realistic power readings.

i think zwift has a part to play as well as surely they can define some sort of human limits and give a warning to the rider.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

I saw him as well and I contacted him directly about the issue. We’ll resolve it one way or another.

(Aaron Deutsch - BMTR) #3

Thanks for flagging that guy, I was getting ready to make a citizen’s arrest! I know it’s just a “game” but I still hold out hopes of snagging a jersey, even if only for a few minutes here and there.

(Craig Howard WBR B) #4

I hope that some of these complaints are serious about watching guys doing 5-6w/kg. As per my training, I regularly hit these figures for several minutes at a time and I wouldn’t want to be flagged for passing someone because they think that’s cheating? I’m probably off their radar when i’ve dropped down to 3w/kg for recovery before going back up again.