How to report ZPower Heros (Fliers?)

(Jim Hansen (Seattle)) #1

I’ve spent the last hour or so watching a rider who is doing 400+W at 120+rpm at 80bpm.  I recorded one lap of this but he’s been going at it for nearly 50 miles now (it’s going on during the Laurens Ten Dam ride).

He’s had the orange jersey the entire time i’ve been watching…

I and several others tried to communicate, to see if we could help with their setup, but there was no response (perhaps not an english speaker?)

I would like to share a link to this (private) video with customer service, so hopefully they can reach out to this person and ‘help’ them get things corrected.

Is there an email address or some other way to report this that doesn’t involve public shaming?



(Jon Mayfield) #2

If you use the IOS Zwift Mobile Link app there will soon be a button to “flag” a user for various reasons. This will alert us to possible misconfigurations (or misbehavior).

I’d expect to see the button available and working in the next 30 days.


(Jim Hansen (Seattle)) #3

I’m not an iOS user, so that won’t help, unless you are just saying it will be on mobile and available on android as well. I do have a GalaxyTab S2 that I use for Zwift stuff…

Do you have an email address I can send a link to this video to?

I realize it’s not something you will be able to do much about, but if nothing else, it might help your developers understand why this activity wasn’t being flagged as a flier internally.

I think you might find it interesting…


(Mike Mohrfeld) #4

I agree with Jim.  This happens all too frequently and is sad that the riders are not “set up” correctly.  Quite frankly, the rider should be pulled off the course immediately once their metrics hit a certain God like level for power to weight and heart rate.

(Jon Mayfield) #5

The problem is doing 400w around the course is not super human (altho, of course doing this at 80bpm is).  We make sure their watts are within human range and even then a Pro has set off our detection once.  Oops.

When the users get to help point out the fliers on course I think that’ll help greatly, and that is what’s coming.

(Gilles L.) #6

the problem if the guy really wants to cheat.
if he is caught he will learn and become harder to detect afterwards.

(Jim Hansen (Seattle)) #7


I understand the challenges. Trying to be inclusive to as many people as possible, yet trying to maintain some integrity within the rider base.  An online MMO I used to play banned a bunch of people for exploiting the economy.  As a business operator, it can’t be fun telling people to stop giving you money, and trying to figure out how to balance that against the greater good.

This particular rider was doing this level of effort  pretty consistently for close to an hour that I watched him, and I know he was at nearly 50 miles when he finally logged off.  Note that he never wen’t over 400W (that I saw), but stayed at exactly 400W any time he was putting out any effort (i.e. not going down hill).  He was also spinning 120rpm (or more) the entire time, and his HR stayed around 80. 

I obfuscated a screenshot showing what I was seeing last night.

One other thing to note here (I’m sure you guys have metrics and analytics on this stuff).  The three fastest lap times and the climbing jersey owners are also ZPower users.  Could be coincidence…



(Jaime Salas) #8

I don’t know what they are getting for cheating… Stats? REALLY? oh and virtual orange jersey. Honestly… I am here to get in better shape like I used to be and for my own self accomplishments… If I was concerned about achievements and accomplishments, I’d go play Elders Scroll Online. Im here for the exercise and the community… Sorry for ranting… I hate cheaters!

(Keith Roy) #9

…I will be honest, I get butthurt by fliers that beat my sprint-point times.

I’d like a metric that follows how many jerseys you’ve captured and for how long (that would be an amazingly motivational feature!!)

I think that this ‘jersey metric’ would also be a good way to flag people that may be fliers.  I know most of the fliers BY NAME that play during my regular hours because they’re the only people that can beat my times - And that’s extremely UNmotivational (sounds conceited, mostly true - both the cheating and the fact I cannot be beaten :p)

The sprint point KOMs aren’t as bad as the other (orange & polka dot) jerseys where it is IMPOSSIBLE to beat their times.  I believe this is a must-fix part of the game.

I have attempted to flag them as fliers a few times - I’m not sure if that went anywhere but there are daily repeat offenders.  I find it hard to believe I would be the only person reporting this…