How do I report a rider?

This morning I was just doing a ride and I passed someone doing about 2wkg which was fine and I opened up a 2-3min gap to this person then he all of a sudden he started doing 7-8wkg and kept this up for close to 10 minutes in which time he caught up and flew past me and disappeared into the distance. I can’t imagine this being a genuine rider. I remembered his name and have found him on the companion app but how do I report this guy or at least get him checked out?

You would use the Zwift Companion App and Flag the as a Flier or send the info to Zwift Support.

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Doesn’t really matter if it’s not in a race. If it makes someone feel good to game the game so be it.

Neither has any affect.

Easiest is to name them in group chat as a flyer. Then sending them a direct text with a message like “Impossible performance. Flagged as a flyer” without inflammatory words like “cheat” often gets immediate results.

The ways I posted are the correct ways per Zwift.

Yes, but both are a waste of time.

Tonight a woman flies past me on Volcano KOM at 1200W (zpower). She has been doing the same since I have been here. Her time is around 3:20 and anyone riding Volcano KOM in early afternoon UTC will know who I am talking about.
I have flagged her many times. I contacted support and received promises, nothing was done. I contacted support again on the same ticket two(?) weeks later and received the promise of escalation to technical(?) support for investigation. That was over two months ago and she is still doing it. It was a waste of time and effort.

The direct message doesn’t work with her. Other flyers get the message.

If you’re not racing why worry? It’s no skin off your nose. They may not be deliberately gaming. My Yahoo Kicker Snap is prone to interference fro bright sunlight with the optical sensor. Until I sussed this and made a cover it was not uncommon for my reported power to drop out down to near zero and then spike to 1000w for 30s. Frustrating for myself and anyone who was trying to draft me but not in any way intentional.

Some people chase jerseys. Flyers ruin it. All we ask is fair play.