Serial Cheater/bot [MARCH 2024]

Other users pointed out yesterday that there’s a user named S Printer from Seychelles who is pulling 600 - 750 watts for unnaturally long amounts of time, racking up various segment jerseys. I don’t know how long they’ve been doing it for, more than yesterday and are back at it right now. Flagging and Reporting in the Companion App doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

Yeah, situation normal


The report feature is only there as an, “feel good, I am helping the community” option. Other than that it, it serves no purpose.


Zwift will not do anything because that pay £12.99 p/m.


Hi @Jason_J_SPM, thank you for reaching out on our forum. You can report another user by following the steps in our Reporting Another Zwifter guide.

You can also report them “Something Else” option and provide additional details in our Companion, and via our Support Page.

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