Improved "Flyer" Flagging - Well Done!

Noticed a rider yesterday, around 1430 hrs EDT.   (I’ll hold back the name because it appears accidental.)

He started off immediately at 10 W/kg and maintained that for almost a minute.   It was pretty obvious that something was up.   However, he was then flagged (exclamation mark), and I saw his output decline to zero, and he logged out.   (Presumably to update/select/recalibrate.)

He came back into the island, and it seemed more normal, although he strangely blipped off of 16 W/kg every once in a while, which tells me something still isn’t right.

In any event, I wanted to say the warning appears to have worked.   Also, you have the time threshold right.   For example, some riders can hit well over 10W/kg - but only briefly during a jersey spring.   Those should not be flagged, and they don’t seem to be - great.

Anyway, just offering some feedback.   Looks like the Flyer detection is improving.


I saw a rider with no power bolt near his name on his 1st lap, he had 10W/kg and more for too long and got KOM and just after fell away to zero, then when he started again had the power bolt and was doing 2-2.5W/kg for for the rest of his lap, which he also got the orange jersey too. Boo to that man!

As Rob noted, we’ve improved Flier detection - and as Brett noted, it’s still in need of improvement! We appreciate the feedback, and we’ll continue to work on dialing it in.

That being said, it’s equally important that we all make allowances here. Most people don’t have their equipment set up right - and the last thing you want is to chase away that newbie who’s riding for the first time.

Instead of calling out a flier, send them a message and help them get set up! And if you see someone who looks like they’re purposely evading the flier alert, send us a private report (with a screenshot if you can) at, and we’ll follow up. :slight_smile:

Ride on, Zwifters!