Zwift Community Race 01-08 - Bot Cheating in category D

That would very much be a good move in the right direction.
Zwift should recognize that not all Zwifters are the same and stop treating us the same.

Yes, encourage participation on the platform and use Z power, and kids and small people can ride but have some races that are events set aside for racers.

We agree to use a paid account.
We agree to have our data public and we sign up for Zwift Power.

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Apparently they don’t even validate the email address used so you can use anything you want

And that, is Zwift’s challenge.

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Looks like Zwift got the hardware ban up. Lets see can they keep Snary out.

To add to this, if certain parts of Watopia are locked until the rider reaches a certain level, there should be no issues with needing a non-trial account (putting it in these terms because I’m good with kids on non-paying accounts racing) to enter races.


Where did you get this info from?

It’s William Chau again, he’s put it in his Facebook cheating page

would love to check that out, whats the name of it? is it a group?

Just a thought, why not limit the accounts from a MAC address or something similar?

As for this Chau, strikes me as a very sad individual, clearly limited in his outlook on life, with very little of positive worth and a lonely smuck trying to find something to validate his existence in life.

I’ve seen others with the opinion that maybe he is doing it to make a point to Zwift HQ and show them how easy it is to cheat so they actually do something about it? Perhaps in the long run he will be a hero?

An S Snary rode at the front of last Saturday Flat is Fast at 1:10 cst and the pace blew the race up, at least for me. I was able to hold on till the last lap.
Just like old times for me!

Not if he’s disrupting races.

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Well posting on the forums certainly doesn’t get their attention to fix the problem… not saying it’s the right thing to do, but here we are… :man_shrugging:

I hear you.

after looking through his facebook group and reading some of his posts and replies… I don’t think he is doing this for the greater good… he is simply having fun and working around all of current safeguards.