Allow ZwiftPower-only events

(Daren Chandisingh 🌱 [VISION]) #1

This is precipitated by a comment on Facebook.

Following the enforcement of GDPR, in-game race results and ZwiftPower results are usually inconsistent.

For example, maybe only 2 of the first 10 finishers have agreed to share data with ZP. They are then ignored by the ZP results.

Maybe it should be possible to have a tickbox saying “Requires ZP” for race creators, then only those who’ve agreed to share data could enter.

(This could potentially work another way, just by adding a small “ZP” icon against people who are sharing data, a bit like the “Pro” jersey. That way you’d know not to care about the person in front because their result doesn’t count. :wink: )

What do you think? Would any race/series organisers use such an option? Would it make racing better?

Edit: according to a comment I just read on Facebook, there isn’t anywhere to put a tickbox. I assumed stuff was handled through a web form, but it looks like it’s email. So, um, yeah… sort that out while you’re at it. :wink:

Start menu overhaul and more
(Nigel Doyle) #2

I agree. We need to give race organizers more tools and options. I’m also on for options to allow selected smart trainers and power meters only. By this I mean the ability to exclude some of the inaccurate budget wheel on smart trainers that often give you 40 - 50 watts extra for free. No doubt others won’t agree.

(Daren Chandisingh 🌱 [VISION]) #3

I see a lot of mileage in trainer-specific events, or at least restricting them to known power sources.

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #4

I don’t think specific trainer brand races is a good idea, then it will become an elitist club for those with money.

Races based on a ranking system is a better idea, if mr A has a trainer that read 40w high then he will end up racing with the B group and will also have ti ride is butt off to stay in the race even thou he should be a C rider IRL.

There should also be more than 4 groups for big races.

(Daren Chandisingh 🌱 [VISION]) #5

Not really. No reason why there wouldn’t also be open events just as there are now.

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #6

But there can only be so many races and if 50% of them are trainer specific then there is a good change that some people will never find at their training time.

(Daren Chandisingh 🌱 [VISION]) #7

Zwift already have 5 worlds, and multiple courses. There’s no reason there can’t be 10 or more races at the same time. Even if half of them were trainer-specific (which I think is unlikely), that’s still more than we had in the early days of Zwift racing, and gives people plenty of options for racing.

It’s merely offering a choice. Some people won’t want to race trainer-specific races. Just as some people don’t want to race hilly races, or flat races.

(Pitch Blank) #8

Nice suggestions. :ride_on:

I’m for a restriction too. Especially when it comes to ZPower.
Complete bogus compared to real PM tools.
Sadly the forums have only 9 users/voters …