Race signup through Zwift Power

Would it be possible to implement race signups through Zwift Power? This could limit people signing up in the wrong category and then impacting the dynamics of the race. Stronger riders in lower categories provide an advantage to those lucky/strong enough to hold their wheel. Think this would let the more serious races get fairer and more fun race opportunities.

Perhaps, once ZP is integrated with Zwift. For now, though, they are two separate things and not everyone who uses Zwift is registered with Zwift Power.

You can already sign up for races via Zwiftpower. When you select an event, there is a “Join Event …” button which takes you to the relevant Zwift event page where you can add yourself to whatever category you want.

This of course require you first have a Zwiftpower account and are logged into my.zwift.com

Yes but limit sign up to people on zwift power so the race is only those who use zwift power and hopefully are more correctly categoized. This would elminate really strong people jumping into lower cats and blowing the race up by towing people