"Racing Lite" Mode

I think that it is worth consideration that Zwifters should be able to choose to start a race with all normal racers, but NOT be visible to normal racers, not be draftable by normal racers, and not be in the final standings of the event. This “Racing Lite” feature might decrease some of the drama around mis-calibrated, mis-catted, non-hrm, and zPower racers. These “Racing Lite” racers could be in the event from their perspective, but not disrupt it from the hard-core racer perspective. It is also a great way for Zwifters to try their first race without pressure.

This mess did raise a question … should Zwift offer a “not racing for placing” function that has Zwifters able to see and draft the racers, but not to be seen by racers and not able to be in final rankings?

Might some who know that they are miscalibrated, zPower, or without heart rate monitor choose this option?

Could this be a simple solution to allowing non-equipped or just training riders to be in races without disrupting them? Eric Min Eric Chon It seems that it could be somewhat easy to implement this as that is basically what i was doing post quit …

Won’t happen. You’re over complicating an already complicated system. What I would like to see is the ability for race organizers to have a zpower start category should they want to include zpower users. The zpower users all then race each other and don’t mess things up for others.

good thing im getting a power meter soon. no more zpower. wont have to join zpower races.