Ghost ZPower in Races

Had another race where the tactics were ruined from a ZPower racer with a misconfigured trainer blow in through the front group half-way through the race from behind at a steady 5 wkg / 400 watts, which he maintained for the next 20 minutes. In a B field. (A category enforced one, so he’ll be the A’s problem next time, I guess.)

I understand why Zwift doesn’t want to ban ZPower users from racing – they’re novices and Zwift wants them to keep using the program, become more experienced, and buy another trainer. But they greatly degrade the Zwift racing experience for the rest of us.

Here’s a proposal: make them ghosts. They can race. They can draft. We can see them, but to us they’ll look like Coco and our PR ghosts. But importantly we should not be able to draft them and they shouldn’t show up in results.This would still allow them to participate in racing, but in a way that isn’t disrupting the quality of the racing. Zwift could use it as an opportunity to upsell them on a Zwift trainer. “Hey, it looks like you’ve been really enjoying racing! For the full racing experience, you’ll need a smart trainer–hop on over to the Zwift shop to purchase one and use the code ILOVERACING for a free HRM with your purchase.” or whatever.

Check all races that will enforce noZpower riders on zwifthacks…Events

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Unfortunately, Zwift’s flagship ZRacing series is not one of them nor are there any available races even close to the times I normally race. In general, I don’t like the idea that we need to use 3rd party hacks to do what should be implemented anyways and prefer the users to pressure Zwift to deliver on an adequate user experience rather than a broken one propped up by 3rd party tools.

This is a Zwift Development that every organizer can ask for and will prevent Zpower to enter races…to bad Zwift HQ is not using it.

3rd Party is what i showed you but you can find this events in Companion App. Just use FILTER AND :white_check_mark: Hardware Req. under events.

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