Races for Zpower only

Is it possible to have zPower only races ???

Zwift are currently working on functionality that will allow organisers to restrict races to particular types of equipment. Competition & AI Tech Update: May 2022 Recap


I go on races using zPower annoying quite a few racers on Smart trainers . Is there any chance of having races for zPower users only. People on Smart trainers could join if they wanted to. Not everyone can afford a Smart Trainer or a power meter. :grinning:

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Zwift has created the ability for race organizers to do that, but it does not seem to be a very popular option for them, they would rather have a power meter only event.

There are some better non smart trainers out there that is a bit more accurate like the kurt kinetic fluid.

what trainer do you currently use?

In theory it’s a good idea, but an organizer would have to step up to do it. Also Zwift are working on pruning the race calendar to eliminate less popular events, so zPower races would probably fall victim to that unless an exception were made.

I wonder if you can afford a used power meter. That would be a good solution if it fits your budget.

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KISS races already implement it i think

I have a Smart Trainer . However I don’t want to use it because (1) I want to rev at more that 80 / minute for fitness and stress reflief I can’t do this on the smart trainer (2) I only have less than 30 minutes ( about 20 kms ) of cycle time per day because I care for my wife and my mother. (3) I have a hernia which hursts quite a bit when I use the Smart Trainer. I don’t have time to get an operation. (4) I am not motivated to just do training on Smart Trainer. When I race in A grade on ZPower , I do tell the other racers i am using zPower and a heart monitor and to just ignore me . When they go fast I stay at the back so I don’t interfer BUT if they at less than 5kg.W I just keep my revs up. I make sure I don’t win but at the same time I try hard at the end. I just want to race zpower people. Not every one can afford power meters or Smart trainers. Sometimes people think I am using an Ebike because my heart rate only goes as high as 135 - 140 . My normal heart rate is 38 b.m . I use to run marathon. Thank you for your response.

I would suggest using the smart trainer. set the trainer difficulty to 0% that way the climbs won’t surprise you and then only use the small front chainring so you can still spin at 80rpm with not a lot of resistance. Then you can race against the D group.


Thanks I might try that.

If you really dislike riding the smart trainer and can’t resolve the problems with it, selling/trading it to obtain a power meter would completely fix the problem with using your other trainer in races. Gerrie’s suggestion is sound, but if that doesn’t do it for you, lower gearing on the smart trainer might help as well.

There is nothing wrong with the idea of zPower races, except for the low numbers of people who use them for racing. Races are more enjoyable with a larger field, and increasingly affordable smart trainers and power meters mean that the number of people who use zPower in races will keep declining.

While I appreciate all the good inputs you ridders have provided I decided to keep using zPower until my life situation changes or Zwift changes their policies on the use of zPower. I really don’t understand why people take theses races so seriously … as one rider said “it’s just a game” . I totally agree with him. People can still cheat even with smart trainers. There are races where zpower is not allowed and I don’t go on these races. As I previously said, before a race I alert everyone that I am using zPower (and that I have a heart monitor) if people are not happy with that they can go on other races or better still go join a cycling club and go on real races on the road.
Regards to all that took an interest in my input. When my life situation changes I will join a club and race on the road until then I am stuck with playing a computer game on Zwift

Some of us actually train for races, we treat then like real outdoor races. Taper before the race get enough rest fuel, do a race simulation, do a race warmup. So yes some of us take it really seriously.
I only race once a week or every second week depending on my workout schedule.

I have always said it is fine having Zpower in all category’s except A is fine with me, I don’t really care if the trainer and IRL performance is not the same, but at least we are “ranked” in the same category.

But A are the best of the best, there is not upper limit, there I feel there should be stricter rules and that preclude Zpower and certain other trainers. The guys in A train 10 to 15 hours a week to be at that level, they deserve a free and fair race.

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Some people use Zwift as training for real life riding or racing.

It’s just the unrealistic rider performances at times are a real killer of motivation. I’m working as hard as I can to try and get better and back to what I could do and seeing ZPower cruising along at unrealistic figures is not “just a game”, I’m very annoyed by it.

The user here has good intentions but a smart trainer can do the required job and he has one.

For the thread starter, there was a time I couldn’t even ride at all - it wasn’t possible for me to physically get on the kickr bike, and when I could I was so weak I could barely manage 100w average power. Even getting started was difficult. Does he need to be racing in A-Grade, or can riding in group rides or pace partner groups be enough?

You have a smart trainer. Just put it to 0% trainer difficulty then you just ride at a comfortable cadence and level.

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I use a Jetblack M5 and when I race I use setting 4 .

There are races already on Zwift where I can’t use zPower . So why don’t serious A graders uses these races?? I am also limited to A grade … can’t ride in lower grades and I don’t have time to think much about all this stuff. I just want to ride as hard as I can for 20 kms concentrating on revs rather than watts. Sorry to disapoint but my life is not simple.

I don’t try to beat A graders I just stay at the back of the front group. But if the A graders a too slow I just push on and that seems to motivate them to go faster. in some races I am actually asked to go faster.

I also don’t like to see zPower riders in my races since they tend to ruin the race dynamics. It’s not that common in the C category events I typically enter. Most zPower riders do not have a smart trainer, and even if Philippe were to use his smart trainer that would have basically no effect on the overall problem. And lack of category enforcement is an even bigger problem in C races, when half a dozen A/B riders enter the event. That’s why I am less concerned about people like him who are actually following the rules - the problem is elsewhere. What would fix it?

  • More race organizers requiring a power meter. I’m happy when I see those events and I prefer them.
  • More race organizers using category enforcement. I generally avoid events that don’t, and most of my bad race experiences were in non-CE events.
  • Zwift more actively encouraging the use of these tools, and moving toward mandatory category enforcement. When pruning the race calendar, add some weight to events that use CE over those that don’t. Survey organizers who don’t use CE or power meter requirements to find out the top reasons and work on those things.
  • More racers who use power meters refusing to enter events that allow zPower. Vote with your pedals.
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It is these statements that makes me encourage more organizers to ban Power from all races.

There’s plenty of other events where Power won’t ruin it for everyone else.


A feature to cap the W/kg of zPower users would also be interesting. They would do less damage at the back of a race than at the front.

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You don’t understand why others take the race so seriously yet you are unwilling to use an accurate measure of power (smart trainer at trainer diff 0) that would set you back out of the A group.
Perhaps you should consider how your actions affect others and consider the fact that you are selfishly degrading the experience that others are paying for.
You could also do the same riding with the faster Robots and no one would be upset.
Why do you insist on being “that guy”?