Races for Zpower only

I have always advocated for having Zpower in all categories except for A. My reasoning is they are bound by the same power limits therefore even if they reade 20% high they will be racing in a category 20% higher than IRL.

I seriously thinking there should be a blanket rule for no Zpower in A categorie races.


Well that in general (not just races) to prevent these folks thundering along at high power levels unrealistically.

I didn’t use these methods last year when recovering from broken femur. I accepted I could only ride at 90-100w average for about 5km and that was my limit. Even just getting on and off the kickr bike was a struggle.

If they had power capped to 1.5W/kg and were restricted to E category, that would at least give them somewhere to go and make a grupetto. If they reach A level power, they probably won’t have any idea how to enter any race. That might not be the best outcome unless Zwift decides to simply ban them from racing. Right now Zwift HQ organized races don’t require a power meter, which I assume is intentional.

I hate the idea of a total ban because most people using Z power tend to be newer to the platform and the use of Z power, while very imperfect, gets their foot in the door.
Most people become aware of the issues and try to improve accuracy.
In this case, and individual is for going a better power system because he wants to ride with the A group.
Basically, he wants to ride an E bike in a bike race.
Even though he tells everyone he’s doing it, it’s still bad.

Maybe ban from A and ban from all racing once over level 25.

I’m thinking just a ban from A racing, Zpower can still do all rides and events just not races in the A category.

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Would he be able to race B?
Then you would have a rider with false A Power in B.
His w/kg should prevent him entering lower cats so does it become a total race ban?

Shouldn’t this trigger ZADA anyway?

Yes for this case he won’t be able to race any race because he is above B limits. But all other events is still open.

Yes I agree but I think this whole thing was just trolling.


Ok I get that but I only go on one race per day if I am lucky. There are 100’s of races each day. So if an A grader is not happy with me joining in … he/she has a choice of going on other races during the day. I think that’s fair enough. As I said … I let people know I am using z power before a race and I tell them to ignore me.

Isn’t possible to ignore a zpower ridder while a race is on ??? I think it is . So what’s the problem ??

So the person that train 12hours a day and warmed up for the race need to pick another race?

You said that you increase the pace when they go to slow so you are influencing the race.

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So you’re not actually wanting to race anyone? In that case, why not ride solo - why join a race at all?

With the cost of smart trainers dropping and more available second hand there are going to be fewer and fewer zPower users. It’s no wonder that the number of zPower events is going to reduce. If you really want zPower events then I think you need to “step up”, form a zPower club and organize your own events.

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Because I enjoy pushing myself to keep up with them. It’s not easy for a 70 y old man to do this. Most of the time I start slow because I come in without a warm-up and they are 40 secs in front of me, I try as hard as i can to catch-up … I usually can’t . I would not call any event in Zwift racing. It’s just training for the real race on the road. When training just follow you own body ability and ignore anything else. I think a lot of you A grade ridders that this Zwift stuff too seriously . Get a life !!!

Most of the times they are faster and about 40 sec in front . It is very rare when they are too slow. I try to ride ( not race) at a pace to keep up with the front riders . That’s what I like doing. If you are not happy with people using zPower in Zwift escalate to the owner and get them to change their policies. That’s why I asked for zPower races . Btw today there was 6 zPower riders with me, So I think there a enough of them to make at least a couple of races a day for zPowerriders. Not happy with that ??? Then tell Zwift mob to eliminate zPower riders from all races. End of Story.

I am ban from racing anything buy A

We should have Zpower races without grading ( no A, B,C , D or E) … Open to all male female no matter what setup they have . It’s all on. and ridders on smart trainers could join in just for fun to see how they go against zPower ridders. But the race would be to encourage Zpower ridders to cycle together as a group. It would be fun … some would go full on … others would just enjoy the ride without the fear of getting insulted by ridders who tale all this too seriously … I am surprise Zwift allows swearing on their platform , I have been called all sorts of name for daring to race in zpower … most common insult is douchebag … I mean seriously …

Similar to the other thread, borrowing the idea that maybe Zwift could just turn Zpower riders into ghosts for races. They can see everybody, but nobody can see them IOW.

Zwift don’t condone any name calling or harassment. If that happen you can report the riders.

This is why I suggested using your smart trainer and racing in D, there you will be riding with people on the same level and you will have real power numbers. And not make a mockery of the A riders.

There are many of those races.

Cool. Get on and organize them then.

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Isn’t it crazy that people race on Zwift with fake power numbers, cheating at a virtual bike race, when they also own a smart trainer that could give them accurate power but they choose to cheat anyway… I mean seriously… get a life!