Races for Zpower only

That is not enough to create an event. Zwift are looking at removing races with less than 50 riders so something that small would be better to be run as a club event.

Have you thought about creating a zpower club then you can put on your own races. You never know if you can attract enough interest then you could push to get a public event?

or as mentioned you have all the tools in a smart training (running at 0% difficulty) to be correctly categorised so I’m not sure why you insist on using zpower other than you enjoy riding faster than anyone else on Zwift. With Cat A riders putting in hours of training i fully understand why they get annoyed and at times frustration turns into name calling when others ruin their race.

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Is that not due to the fact that you are using incorrect power measurements and so your w/kg are putting you into Cat A? (I don’t race but I’m sure that’s how it works). If you used more accurate power measurements then you’d be able to enter a Category more in line with your actual abilities.

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yes that will be correct. If he switched to his power meter and contacted Zwift they should be able to reset his activity history so he is able to race in a lower cat which is accurate to true power.

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I think Zwift will allow you to pick a wheel size for your trainer when you’re using a speed sensor. Try reducing the wheel size to something much smaller than your actual wheel, like 24" or 20". The same number of revolutions at a smaller wheel size will result in less speed/distance/power. That could give you more realistic numbers without any equipment change. Your goal should be to make it show about the same power as you typically see on your direct drive trainer.


Yes that was suggested in April 2022:


That ZwiftPower profile is hilarious.

I cannot fathom what kind of meaning Philippe and his like derive from Zwift. With such inaccurate zpower readings, how can you determine whether your performance and fitness is improving? What is the point of entering a race, when you could just be bombing around in a freeride?


Philippe……just ride man…don’t race…I am 72 and I take it fairly seriously. Would you enter a Go cart race with a Formula 1 car? You are skewing the stats the wrong way for everyone else. Have some fun ride your tail off….but leave the races to racers. There are plenty of rides that are non competitive.