Zwift Group/Scheduled Rides

(Shawn DeBoer) #1

The current Facebook-based approach to announcing scheduled group rides is OK but hard to wade through to see if any fit one’s schedule.  I’d like to see a list of scheduled group rides either on my dashboard or when I login to the client and select ride characteristics.  Either in my local time, of course, with countdown to start.

Also, avg. watts, avg. cadence, and avg. HR during ride would be a big plus.

(Graeme Bird) #2

It would be fun to see something at the start screen letting you choose different rides to go on or even fixed routes within Watopia.

Something at the start like the poker apps where you can choose from the different tables (see PKR = 3d poker game which is comparable in its design). 

If you could choose by the category of ride you want to go on (slow, intermediate, fast, different power output, etc) as well that would be cool.


Just now Zwift is like a massive sit and go with nothing much scheduled via the interface.

(Joseph DeLuca) #3

Instead of using facebook you can use the teamup calendar where all rides and ride details are posted.

This is also displayed in local time.  Maybe this is better option for you?