Plan a workout

The mobile link app has potential to do so much more.
I like to plan my training around my busy week. I enjoy doing group workouts or races if they are available and fit my schedule, but that isn’t always possible and working on the principle that if it is in the diary then it is more likely to happen, I would love to be able to schedule a particular workout to do at my proposed time. (Selection from the workouts available on zwift).
I guess an advanced feature could be that this is visible to my connections on zwift and they could choose to join me for the workout and it would function like a group workout for us.

The ability to plan a group ride with your friends, something less formal than a Zwift Event, would be a great feature. Strava has something along these lines (Club Events) for IRL group rides but it needs a lot of work.

Right now we just have the leader hop onto the course at the appointed time, choose to ride with him, and join Discord but there’s potential for something great here that you could use to emulate our IRL local (small and private) group rides when it’s -1000 degrees F.