Post workouts for others to join

Workouts are much more fun when done with others but organised group workouts usually aren’t scheduled at convenient times, and if they are, they’re likely not the type of session that I want/need to do that day. So I end up doing something on my own and missing out on that camaraderie!

Potential solution
It would be amazing if there was a way to post workouts for others to see and join.

My guess is that of the 5k+ riders riding at any one time, maybe 10 would be interested in doing the same workout as me, and with the “keep together” feature, we’d benefit from the good chat, and enjoy the social aspect.

Or, as an MVP, there could just be a load of bog standard workouts scheduled each day, throughout the day (perhaps in a separate area to the group ride/races schedule to avoid clogging it up), which are not lead by anyone, and anyone can join. A simple set of endurance, tempo, sweet-spot and VO2 sessions would be a great start.

I’m more likely to return to Zwift to do my daily workout, and encourage others in my community to join, if there is a group of like minded people wanting to join me that day too. If it’s just me, it’s much more tempting to do it outside!