Plan workouts on my phone

The problem

I like to ride workouts on Zwift, but I hate choosing one from the Zwift application.

  • It’s slow, thus frustrating
  • the vents are already on and blowing in my face, I’m cooling of before I’m started
  • I want to get on my bike and start

Most of the time I look for group workouts, because I can plan those from my phone. But they have another problem.

  • The interesting don’t always match the time I can ride, I have to bring kids to bed
  • The selection is minimal, I can’t choose between endurance, hit, etc, because they are time bound

Possible Solution

  • Make it possible to plan a workout on the mobile app
    • Make it possible to search a workout based on type, duration, etc.
  • Make it possible to reschedule / copy a group workout on a different time to ride alone

totally agree. I’d love to be able to configure eveything in the app. I’m up at 5am and on the bike usually by 5.30. End up messing about selecting workout, kit, bike etc (if it’s an event) would love to be able to select all this the night before, get up and just ride.

Yes please, make the workouts viewable on the phone, and also make the drop shop and the customization options available on the phone. I’m only in the Zwift app when I’m ready to do a workout, and I don’t want to fuzz about my avatar then. But I totally would in the comfort of my couch with my phone ;-).