Custom Training Plan & Calendar

I see that this has been brought up in the past, but the previous discussion I’ve seen is all old and archived and none of it has been implemented yet, so I think it’s fair to bring it back up. I think it also presents a possible workaround for the very popular request to be able to pause training plans.

There are actually two related parts to my request here

  1. Custom training plans.

I love the way the pre-defined workout plans work. I just finished Build Me Up and it’s fantastic. That said, none of the available plans/schedules meet my needs over the next few months.

My solution is that I’m putting together my own plan from the available workouts. As it works now, I have to ad-hoc search through the available workouts when I’m actually getting on my bike to start my ride. It would be great if I could go in ahead of time to assemble my plan and schedule the rides I want to do so there’s no screwing around at the time of the ride.

Say I want to do SST (Short) on Monday, The Gorby on Wednesday, and then McCarthy Special on Friday. It would be great if I could set that up ahead of time and then when I get on my bike on Monday morning, it would default to asking me if I want to jump into SST just like it does for the available workout when I’m in the middle of a Zwift plan.

  1. Calendar

One way to implement the above would be to add a calendar where I can schedule out the rides I want to do. Make it easy to drop in whatever pre-defined or custom workout I can select from the list, repeat workouts at weekly/semi-weekly/whatever intervals, move things around, etc.

One of the competing platforms (rhymes with Rainer Toad) just rolled out this sort of feature. I’ve not used it yet, but it looks awesome and they seem to be pretty proud of it. I’d love to see something like this in Zwift.

On a side note, if Zwift could really nail down the serious workout plans like this other competitor focuses on, I see no remaining reason for the competition to ever pull anyone away from Zwift.

Just use Trainerroad as a few of us do. Problem solved.

i.e. Trainerroad running on our phone. Zwift running on a computer for some entertainment.

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Take a look at this,

I have my workouts for the month in a folder, and I do them from top to bottom.

Thanks for the tip, Gerrie. That’s definitely helpful as a workaround, though it only works for custom-created zwo files, right?

I’d like to be able to put together a plan from existing workouts. Maybe a similar solution would be if you could flag certain workouts and then they’d show up in a “favorites” folder or something.

You can find most Zwift workouts here:

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Thanks again. I actually went back through WhatsOnZwift more carefully last night and found a lot of stuff to add to my custom folder, as you mentioned.

It would be great if this were in the Zwift UI and on their server instead of just my local hard drive, but this is a viable workaround for now.

I too would like to see some flexibility in a workout program.

Pick a program & the date it starts, but have the ease of being able see a calendar format , slide (drag & drop) workouts around, ability to delete the select ones when unable to ride or an outdoor ride was completed in stead.

That sort of thing

Hi there,

If i understand correct, what you’re asking is to use someones training plan that has been made for a purpose with a correct structure, so you can break it down and use it according to your needs? Well, a training plan has a purpose and is built up gradually so you can train and peak to your event or goal. I would not like to make a training plan for beeing chopped down and be used as stand alone trainings. I think you should be thankfull to the creator of that plan for what he’s done. Don’t ask now for an easy way of “re-utilising” someones plan according to your needs. Have some respect for that work.

Doesn’t make sense pay two apps to do same work.

I think he is asking to the possibillity to do his own trainning plan.

Hi @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ
the link is dead. Can you please update that?
I would like to either customize a plan or create an own plan, or modify the workouts in the defauls zwift plans. thanks