Pre Book Workouts

Hi, would it be possible to add workouts to zwift companion in order to select one prior to doing it as we do in events?
The reason being its hard logging into to zwift all ready to ride and then searching for a workout randomly. Id much prefer to look before i go into the pain cave and choose what id like to do.


Would signing up to a workplan help you? Been a while since I did one, but it used to bring up info of all the workouts available for the week on Zwift Companion, along with “complete by (day).” I think a lot of plans are more flexible now, so you can choose your workout order for the week, but you will see your options and can at least narrow your choices before getting ready to turbo.

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Cheers Steve. I did think about that but didnt want to be tied into a plan particularly. Work and hopefully if the weather improves id sooner ride outside, but i guess if this is the only way it may be a good option.
Thanks mate…ill give it a go

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