Group ride / Race

There some group rides become races at some point for example last 2 laps of ride.

There is problem with this, no all people start at same point and Thier times are taken for whole ride and which leads to the following happening:

  1. People getting DQ been in front of the leader
  2. People are so behind the leader and would done good time in race part but get bad time because it takes in count the whole ride time.

My solution to this is the following:

  1. A If group ride is for 4 laps and 2 laps is for racing for example and then person creating events should able program this when creating the event.
    1.B People should have choice to option in for race or not by selecting thier choice when selecting the event they want to ride.

2.The race part time gets activated when the rider passes the starting line for start of race section of the ride.

  1. Have option for ride event to have time limit after group leader has past start line for race.

For example if group ride Creater put in 2 mins and after group leader goes past start line for the race and any rider has not past the race stater line in 2 minutes there race time will start then.

  1. Have option to have fence, if anyone goes past the fence when hitting the race starting line could be DQ.

This is organisers discretion, not the person programming the event.

They’ve signed up to the event so they’ve read (lololol) the event description explaining the rules.

This would be a fundamental change to the game engine - unlikely

You can “kinda” do this by having a good understanding of group ride pace and setting a time limit.

That option exists already - when the fence functionality gets turned back on.

It seems like you have put in a lot of thought and would like Zwift to make significant changes for a very niche type of group ride.

I’d say these kinds of “races” are more like sprinting for a road sign on a group ride than an actual race, expecting actual results for one of those is rather pointless. Maybe just think of it as more of a change of pace than anything else.

Other idea with group rides have the option group rider speed for example min per kilometre or per mile display on the companion app or in game display

Then other option is display what you speed per kilometre or mile per minute.

Reason behind this, let say we have 2 people

1 person 110 kg and 186 cm tall

2 person 65 kg and 165 cm tall

If we used KG/watts on both riders 2nd person still rides faster then first person beacuse of the height difference.

But if we use for 1:30 mintuies per km on both riders, then they both travel at same speed as each other.

Events can already be listed by speed. Practically no-one uses it.