Closed course for races?

(Joseph DeLuca) #1

This might be technically difficult and asking too much of the developers but having a separate closed course during races or at least a way to make other riders without a race tag “invisible” in some way would be a great improvement.  One of the great aspects of zwift is the community.  There are tons of organized races and group rides.  Riding should be social and competative - this is what makes zwift so attractive.  That being said, group rides and races can quickly become chaotic with confusing unorganized starts and randomized groups made up of some riders participating in the organized rides and others just jumping in the group while on a casual ride.  Or when in a race you run into the back end of a casual sub2 ride of 100+ it can throw off the flow of the race as you frantically try to find the wheel of someone from your group.

Some sort of solution like closed race courses or at least some option to only show riders with the same race tag as you on the right column could really improve and help further develop this exciting aspect of zwift.

(Paul Nesfield) #2

As someone that uses Zwift for workouts, it would be less distracting not being (visually) swamped by organised rides multiple times every time I’m riding and concentrating on my intervals.

(Philip Amos) #3

This would probably be really easy to implement if they had a lobby where people met for the group ride and then the group ride could start at the set time on the set course which is loaded independently of the course everybody else is on.

It would be easier to know how you are doing in the race\ride as anybody on the road would be involved in your event.

It would be great for people like me who don’t do group rides because I wouldn’t have to see all the chat about where is the leader, when is the start etc.

(C oach Paul Ozier) #4

Love the Lobby idea!

(Artemas Coburn EVR) #5

I just started Zwift and spinning and that was my first thought.