Racing on a closed course

Racing is great, but can be very confusing when passing riders that are not part of the event. Having the races on a closed course is a much needed upgrade. How it currently works, would be like having a pro peleton racing on the same roads that have recreational cyclists, charity cycling events and commuters cycling on them at the same time. This feature is a top priority.

The feature already exists. In various events, only the event participants will appear on the course. 

Sorry for not knowing this, the events i have done have always included all other participants. How can you tell what events are on a closed courses?

It’s up to the race organizer to setup the options/feature of the race.

Can you tell before joining a race if it is on a closed course.

I have contacted zwift support and they say this feature is still not available…

Hi Selim,

Thank you for getting back to us!

Can you point me to that community thread? This is still not possible at the moment, all events are public.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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All events are public at the moment, meaning that any Zwifter can join any event.

Ok, i understand that. But if you say events can be run on a closed course, how do i know which ones they are before joining?

I agree that it would be good for the event descriptions to include whether it is, as you say, on a closed course.

All, we were having some issues in some events that we thought might have been related to our enabling this. That turned out not to be the case, but we didn’t know until we eliminated it as a possible cause.

Since we implemented this feature (which was pretty early), virtually all races have been and are restricted so that you only see other racers (and, in many cases, only racers in your specific sub-group within the race - e.g. only “A” or “B” racers if you are racing “A” or “B” respectively).

But - in certain cases - we’ve missed re-enabling this feature on some of the races after testing to make sure it was not causing problems. So if you were in a race where you could see other riders, that was unintentional (unless it was when we were testing).

We’re going through our events list now to make sure that all races have this restriction in place.


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Thanks jordan for the explaination!