Please, please, please highlight riders in a group ride

(Richard Wagenknecht) #1

I’m doing lots of racing events, and I’ve several times seen riders escape when riding through a large group of other riders. It’s simply too hard in a race to tell who’s in your group and who’s not. What would be really nice, is to somehow highlight all riders in the group so there’s no guessing.

(L M [X]) #2

closed courses for events is coming :slight_smile:

(Jarek Poswiata [C#]) #3

some ad-banners on shirts/pants would help. I saw several times the riders in same jerseys.

But in fact closed couses were OK (no drafting from “helpers” not running in the event).

(Richard Wagenknecht) #4

I guess the only downside is getting dropped and not drafting the other riders not in the race. Oh well, that’s more realistic.