a few minor event qualms

I think these may have been suggested but:

  1. remove non-event riders from course. It’s hard enough to know who is in your group/event…

  2. Don’t display achievement awards during race… i find it very distracting

  3. Don’t switch the camera on KOM, etc…Very distracting in  race.

  1. remove non-event riders from course. It’s hard enough to know who is in your group/event…


Having races in seperate environments etc would be detrimental to the Zwift universe IMO. However there are ways around it e.g. making riders in your group glow or have labels above them. 

I do agree that when you’re chasing someone it’s not always clear if they’re in your group or it’s just a rider not in the event.

Maybe highlighting event riders in some way would be okay. Having the option to just mask them out would be better, definitely not allow you to draft off someone not in your event however!!

Agree with 1) racers should be visually different from non-racers. And also non-draftable.

Some other options to make races more attractive

  1. Show leaderboards of every lap in stead of all KOMs. This make it clear how the race is evolving and not just gaps with the 10 or so people around. Would also be convenient for live race reports, such as Nathan Guerra’s race reports. (These are very cool!)

  2. Automatically add race name and category (A,B,C,D) to the names. Now you have to do it manually yourself and a lot of people forget that or put in the wrong category.

Great suggestions! I agree with all those (especially #3!!)


I do think it would be good to have this feature though with everyone starting a certain amount of time behind the previous starter.

Not sure why Mark Hewitt  comment got a -ve vote though as the current system of races does not suit TTing.

Having none racers on the course confuses things as it can be hard to monitor your competitors when you are moving through a large group of non racers.

If you are in a small breakaway (1 or 2 others) it can also be hard to drop other riders if they are able to take advantage of the drafting of non racers.

Also, not everyone has the TT bike unlocked.  To therefore do TT on Zwift you would need to ensure no one drafted anyone.  The only way to do this would be to have a clear road.