Only show riders in your race

Please add the possibility to hide all riders but the ones in your race/group ride.

I find the Zwift tracks to be more and more crowded. Recently I was in a race and it was a complete chaos because of all the other riders. I quickly lost the others (some where in front of me, others behind) and ended up riding alone most of the time (as surely others in the race also did because of the chaos).

This was not a good race experience.

Surely it must be an extremely easy feature to implement?


Can’t say this has ever caused me a problem in a race. The right hand column shows only those in your event. Is this not sufficient to track where people in your event are? I guess as Zwift gets more popular then hiding riders may be required but I don’t think we’re there yet. Anyone else?

This is actually a feature we already support for events. Each event organizer can request “racers only” mode where the rest of the world will appear empty until the event ends.   

Jon Mayfield,

Is there a way to see which event (*) has selected this mode?

(*I guess by event you mean group ride or race)

Nigel Doyle Team AHDR,

If there are 5-6 riders (in the race) just in front of you, they fill up the list. If one in front of them again makes a run for it, is there a way to see this from the list?

Also, when I have to use everything I’ve got just to hang on to that back, I’d rather not have to look at some numbers on a list to see whats happening 30 m in front of me.


Rune - sounds like you’re riding in the wrong grade. Just like in RL if someone 30m makes a run for it, you won’t have much of a chance to catch up. In Zwift just like RL you need to hang with the bunch if you want to place high.

I would also like to know if it is possible to see which events have racers only mode selected. I hate riding with thousands of other people on the track. Totally kills the social aspect. People get random drafts from strangers, ruining the pure race aspect.