Hiding riders in different categories?

In a race, how can I only see the riders in my own caregory?

It doesn’t make sense to see so many riders from so many categories when I only want to beat the ones in my category.

Search for events using the Zwifthacks Events app

Fully expand the search filters and select the filter “See only event category riders”. The events that populate the list will be those where you will only see riders within your category.

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To add the what @Aaron_Zwanzig said, it is up to the race organizer to decide if they want you to see all riders or just those in your category.

I like seeing all the riders.
If you get dropped from your group, you can work with the next group and practice group riding and energy saving.
If you can’t see them, then your all alone.
I really don’t care about my standing in my category.
I race as hard as I can at the beginning and when the peleton breaks ups up, I just race against the group I’m with, regardless of their category.

So I am and I think most others experience Zwift. It is just for fun. The whole category system as it is now makes it far too complex.

@Aaron_Zwanzig: Thank you for the link.

So I did a search and it showed me several races. One of them, for example, is “3R Ultimate Racing League”.

Lets say I join that race as a “C”. What would I need to do during the race to only see the C racers?

you CANT. you can see either ALL the riders (including outside the race), or ONLY the riders within the race ( ALL CLASSES ) - you cannot filter out the class in a race.
you just look at the dots on the minimap for riders ahead; they will be color coded for each grade.
look at the rider names in the riders around you, and they will have their grade and color in front of their name.

@Vaughn_Myers You would just join the race as usual. The event organizer, at the time he creates the event, sets the option as to whether participants will be part of the world at large or be separate unto themselves during the event.