Hide categories after race start


Let me hide the racing categories so I can’t see lower cat riders ride away while I struggle to keep up. It’s immensely frustrating. It’s bad enough I get dropped every time by my designated category.

May I suggest some Zwift workouts to help build your FTP :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Sure… do you know of one that specifically targets sprinting (punch/recovery)?

There are plenty but there is a specific Zwift Racing Plan under plans that focuses on racing or there is the 8 wk Race Day Prep under workouts

There are numerous races which only show your category. This is done at event organiser discretion, so it’s not really so much of a feature request than something you should talk to event organisers about.

Spoken as an A who regularly gets beaten by Bs :slight_smile:

Why not show each rider’s ZP min category also then while in race?

I assume this would hide everyone outside of your cat, meaning you wouldn’t see racers in other cats on the road. If so, that’s pretty much my current experience as I get dropped and ride alone a lot.

Cycling convention would seemingly have me just fall back to the next group, but that feels like cruising. However, that seems to be the predominate behavior in Zwift and IRL. Granted my racing experience is limited, but cycling seem to be more about who can use the least amount of energy, regardless of position, rather than trying to go as fast as your physiology will allow.

I still want everyone on the course, but just want to turn off the cat column in the HUD before the race starts.

Fair enough :slight_smile:

I thought that by only seeing your category would help a little bit, as there wouldn’t be the demoralising feeling of seeing the higher categories fly off into the distance.

I’d be in favour of dropping to the next group. Ultimately that would help you recover for a max effort at the end of the race to hopefully come out on top.