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Tried my first race yesterday and trying to understand since it appears that all categories are in the same race. So if my position was being shown in the race as around 50th out of 75 riders does this include all categories and if so I don’t really understand the point.

Also looking on campion results page there are so many riders in cat c way above the power per kg for that catergory.

Are there any races where you can just race within your catergory with similar level riders?

Thanks for any advice

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Event organisers can setup races to either show all riders or only riders in your category. The best way to see this is to look up the event on a handy third party website that shows exactly how the event is setup. Such as this one at the Zwift Hacks website: Events

Clicking on any of the events will show the tags for how the event is setup. You can also use the Filters function to select the type of events you are interested in.

Finally, everyone cheats on Zwift (ie enters the wrong category). Learn to live with it. Because it hasn’t changed in the last 5 years.

Thanks for reply, very useful. I think I have seen it said that why don’t zwift don’t put people in the right category based on there data, maybe one day

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One of the many many threads on the subject if you want some bed time reading :wink:

Signup and only use Zwiftpower for results. Theoretically, people riding out of their Cat are DQ’ed so your results are as good as they can get but people still hack weight/heights etc so Aoi’s advice to “learn to live with it” is spot on.

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this has been aske for for over 5 years. See Auto-Assign Race Categories

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